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Well, we are known for fine cashmere wool that is woven into luxurious shawls, scarves, and other clothing items.

We are the one of the best dealer of pashmina in Nepal

Pashmina refers to a type of fine wool that is derived from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat, specifically the Changthangi breed, which is found in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan.

The term “pashmina” is also used more broadly to refer to any type of shawl or scarf made from fine wool or other fibers, regardless of whether it contains true pashmina wool.

100% Pure Pashmina

This type of pashmina is made entirely from the fine hair of the Himalayan mountain goat. It is the softest and warmest of all pashmina types

Pashmina Cashmere Blend

This type of pashmina is a blend of pashmina wool and cashmere. It is soft, warm, and lightweight, making it perfect for winter wear.

Pashmina Silk Blend

This type of pashmina is a blend of pashmina wool and silk. It is lightweight and has a subtle sheen, making it ideal for draping and layering.

Pashmina Wool Blend

This type of pashmina is a blend of pashmina wool and other types of wool, such as merino or lambswool. It is warm and durable, making it ideal for everyday wear.

How we have started

Manaslu Cashmere manufactures the finest quality cashmere and pashmina products. Its products stand up to stringent manufacturing tests and are made only from SGS-tested yarns.

Our products are exported across the globe to notable multinational brands. We are known for selling our products globally with the finest quality.

Manaslu Cashmere Industry has now grown to be one of the most respected and trusted manufacturers in Nepal through exporting currently in international markets of Europe, America, and Canada markets.

Since our inception, we are known as a good quality exporter of cashmere, pashmina cashmere blend, pashmina wool blend, etc.



Best Quality of Pashmina Available At Affordable Price!

Grade A cashmere refers to the highest quality and finest fibers. It is obtained from the neck and underbelly of the cashmere goat and is known for its exceptional softness, warmth, and durability.

Grade B cashmere is slightly coarser and less fine than Grade A. It is obtained from the sides and back of the cashmere goat. While it may not be as luxurious as Grade A, it still offers good warmth and softness.

White cashmere refers to the natural color of the cashmere fiber, which is off-white or cream. It is the most commonly available type of cashmere.

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